Insurance companies can be sneaky and often try to gain as much information as possible, especially if they are going to be involved in a law suit and may have to pay. Information, often including medical records of a potential claimant, may require the consent of the injured individual.  An injured party has the right to refuse the requests of the insurance company.  In most cases, it is unwise to provide this information freely to these insurance companies.
If you find yourself in a situation where an insurance company is insistent on you turning over medical records or is badgering you to divulge things that you aren’t comfortable sharing, you should contact our Mesa Injury legal advisers right away.  For more information regarding your situation in this situation, contact an Arizona Injury Attorney.  Mesa Injury Lawyers, (602) 600-6001.  1731 West Baseline Rd., Suite #103, Mesa, AZ 85202.