Expect a consultation with a lawyer that will entail conversations about the details of your case. In order to better represent your case, you will need to provide details about your injury, all circumstances concerning your injury, and any medical treatment you have received due to your injury. Be prepared to go over specific information regarding the case: the extent of your injuries, future health needs, medical history, employment information, any any losses incurred because of the injury.

The attorney will answer questions you may have and offer legal options and the personal injury laws as they relate to your case. Also, a lawyer will discuss legal fees and expenses. It would be beneficial to bring any medical reports that document your injuries including: diagnosis paperwork, instructions for discharge, medical bills, medial receipts, any documentation from where you received any treatment for your injury, a copy of police report, names and contact information for any witnesses, insurance information, and any documents you may have from insurance company for either party.